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Beginning with farmers Rolyn and Lorena Garcia in Nicaragua, Good Coffee Co has always been a Farmer First Organization that is now actively pursuing direct trade relationships with farmers around the world. Paying more per pound than Fair Trade and forging a new type of relationship with coffee farmers, Good Coffee looks to empower farmers to support themselves, their families, and their communities by forming a partnership.

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Maria works closely with Roland and Lorena on the farm, doing everything from picking the specialty-grade beans to drying them in the fields.


Roland and Lorena

Founders of our farm down in Nicaragua. Where the coffee is grown 1200 meters above sea level, in beautiful mountains. 



Jacqu has been a member of the farm for as as long as most people can remember. He has a nack for picking the best tasting   


Uganda is an excellent location for coffee growing. The country boasts richly fertile land, with volcanic soil to the east and west, and plenty of rainfall. As Ugandan coffee professionals focus on quality, the country’s Arabica is beginning to demand attention for its sweet, citrusy flavors. In the cup, Uganda’s washed coffees bring satiny body and ripe stone fruit tones, along with a delicate touch of red berry and a buttery finish. The best natural coffees feature a lush dark berry jam flavor and mouthfeel, and clean nougat-like mid tones.


Colombia, with its perfect terrain and climate, is one of the only countries that produce 100% arabica beans. Enjoying a cup of Colombian coffee means indulging floral hints, traces of tropical fruits, red berries or apples and a sweetness akin to chocolate, sugar cane or caramel. Acidity levels are medium to high, yielding a bright and lively brew.

Aromas tend towards citrus, fruits and hints of spice. The easy to drink nature makes Colombian coffee beans popular in blends for mellowing out the more intense flavors of coffee beans from other countries.

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Our Community

Learn more about the rich community and our deep ties with Uganda


Fr. Joesph Lugalambi

Family members and liaison to the United States for our farm across the ocean in Uganda. 


Our Farmers

Our farming family is literally that, a family. Learn more about the Lugalambi family, get in touch today! 

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The Culture

Learn more about this amazing country and it's agricultural market place!


Colombian Coffee Farmers

Family members and liaison to the United States for our farm across the ocean in Uganda. 

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The Process

Learn more about the picking, washing, drying, and shipping process from Colombia!