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The Good Coffee Company believes that every person should have the opportunity to start their own coffee business, but we understand that it's next to impossible to start from scratch. Not many people have the money to buy roasters that cost tens of thousands of ($) dollars, get roasting permits, create packaging, build a website, and then last but not least form direct relationships with farmers from around the world. 

The New Bean
Option One: Start Your Own Coffee Brand

Have you ever wanted to start your own coffee brand, well you've come to the right place. We craft pre-made online coffee roastery storefronts for entrepreneurs and coffee enthusiasts alike. What makes us different is that with each store you get a 1.) domain name 2.) logo 3.) exclusive connection to farmers across the globe 4.) free design help packaging creation 5.) connection to a 3rd party coffee shipment firm (or advice on how to build an in-person operation) and 6.) last but not least preferred pricing from coffee farmers in Uganda, Nicaragua, and Colombia